Leading workforce management company, ISGM today announced that it is re-branding to become Tandem Corp.

CEO Jonathan Field said the ISGM brand is well known for field workforce management in the telecommunications and media sectors but as the company moves into new markets it needs a broader more consumer-focused brand.

“Tandem is a name that represents how we work, side by side, with clients and subcontractors to provide exceptional customer experiences.

“Since our formation in 2010, we have proved that our workforce management model delivers exceptional customer service. We currently have over 750 employees and an annual turnover more than $500m and manage a subcontractor workforce of over 2,500 companies employing 5,800 workers.

“We believe that wherever there is a subcontractor workforce delivering a service today there is an opportunity for Tandem to better manage that workforce to deliver exceptional outcomes for customers, subcontractors and our clients.

“We want Tandem to be a company that brings together and manages a range of different trades and technicians who have the skills, attitude and professional standards for the benefit of our clients,” Mr Field said.