Tandem is always on the lookout for experienced tradespeople.

If you are keen to be your own boss and are looking for work that fits your lifestyle, then we would like to hear from you.

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Every day, Tandem
subcontractors attend
10,000 different sites
across Australia.

Exceptional outcomes,
simply delivered.

Customer Service & Safety

Tandem’s delivery model is built around customer service and satisfaction underpinned by a commitment to safety and respect.

We have access to a pool of over 2,600 subcontractors who engage more than 5,200 workers.

Our subcontractors all own their businesses and are required to meet the highest standards of compliance and accreditation.

We’re passionate about supporting them to grow and prosper.

Hear what our subcontractors have to say about supplying their services to Tandem. Click here.

Agility, Flexibility and Expertise

Australian industry is relying more and more on the subcontractor model for every-day service delivery as well as to meet increased demand for skilled tradespeople to respond to emergencies.

Major companies are eager to embrace the agility, flexibility and expertise that subcontractors offer.

As a professional and trusted provider of outsourced services, Tandem is uniquely placed to offer a “best in the market” subcontractor value proposition.

We specialise in delivering “last-mile”
services to the customer’s home or business.

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