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Challenging the Norm

As a Tandem subcontractor, your business is teaming up with a dynamic business that’s challenging the norm and growing fast.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve, but here’s three we are already working towards:

  • Transforming peoples’ average expectations of tradespeople, technicians and large businesses, into exceptional experiences.
  • Reimagining the way subcontracting businesses are regarded and rewarded.
  • Discovering better ways of working, that provide opportunities for your business to grow alongside us.

Successful subcontracting businesses care about getting great outcomes first and every time. They value safety and engage workers who are professional and responsive to customer needs. But most importantly, they enjoy making customers’ lives run smoothly.

Experience Exceptional with Us

Our exceptional service makes us different, but it’s our culture that really set us apart.

We’re down-to-earth, which surprises many people, as does our obsession with finding better ways to do things. We genuinely value our subcontractors as experts in the services they supply.  They are an essential part of our success.

“Because Tandem engages with us, we feel much more appreciated as a subcontractor and not just another number.”

So why connect with us?


We respect our subcontractors and we’ll treat your business and its workers as professionals.


Your business:

  • will be paid competitive industry rates
  • will enjoy speedy payment with our automated Recipient Created Tax Invoices
  • will be encouraged to provide feedback for process improvement
  • is independent, but can benefit from Tandem’s user friendly systems for work allocation, interaction and support
  • Your workers safety and the safety of those your interact with is important to us.
  • If we enter new industries or take up new work types, there is potential for you business to grow.
  • Your business may tap into our pipeline of opportunities

Put simply, we want you to feel
part of a team that provides

Exceptional Outcomes
Simply Delivered

How We Work

We engage subcontractors that are skilled service providers and deliver exceptional customer experiences. And just how is that? There’s four essentials your business and its workers need to take to heart:

Excellence as standard
  • take pride in getting great outcomes right and every time
  • are trustworthy, friendly, polite and well presented
  • show up when expected and see things through
Always be safe
  • Never cutting corners on safety
  • Be well trained, safety conscious and compliant
Customers are raving fans
  • Make customers happy by exceeding their expectations
Simple and straight-forward
  • Appreciate that customers want things explained in simple, friendly, easy to understand ways
  • Adopt a straightforward approach and deliver results

“I can run my own business and choose the lifestyle that I want. It's great being a Tandem subcontractor!"

What you need

Besides having a business culture that promotes a great ‘can do’ attitude, customer service focus and absolute commitment to safety, to be a Tandem subcontractor your business needs:

  • To be registered for GST
  • Workers with a right to work in Australia as well as the appropriate accreditations, skills and training
  • Appropriate insurances
  • Appropriate tools and equipment for your workers to perform work in the area you are applying for
  • Appropriate structures and policies in place to ensure compliance with relevant legislation including the Fair Work Act (Cth), Independent Contractors Act 2006 (Cth) the Building Code and Right to Work legislation in Australia
  • Its director and workers (where required) to submit to a police check


New Sub Contractors

If you’re interested in being engaged by us to deliver exceptional customer outcomes express your interest today.

We have a range of opportunities that can be viewed here

Existing Sub Contractors

If you are already supplying services to Tandem and looking to expand into other areas of business, please drop us a line at

Your privacy is important to us, so please read our privacy policy before applying.

By submitting an expression of interest you will become subject to the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016. 

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New opportunities for Sub Contractors

We have a range of opportunities that can be viewed here


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