I’ve been in the telecommunications industry my whole life and I have never looked back. I get worried before every job, but once the job is finished, I am happy. It brings me joy every day. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

It is the satisfaction in completing a job that I enjoy the most. My company offers end-to-end repairs of large cable outages. There’s a real satisfaction as well as a financial advantage in doing the job from start to finish, whether it’s a two-hour job or a 48-hour job.

I started my own business in 2002 after working for Telecom Fiji and another Australian service provider at Telstra as a team leader. Telstra decided to hire subcontractors, so I took the step and went out on my own. It was tough in those early days, but I always had a plan to expand. Sixteen years later, I have 12 employees including six full timers. My son works for me too. He studied hard and is doing really well. I also hired a couple of guys who I used to work with at Telecom Fiji. The skills are completely transferable, because Fiji has the same cables, equipment etc. as in Australia.

In 2012, I started offering services to Tandem mainly because it was the biggest workforce management company serving Telstra, and my company continues to do so because I liked the people. I appreciate the management team at Tandem and their willingness to help, and I get along well with my company’s team manager. People are so important when it comes to job satisfaction.

The thing people would find hardest about my job is the shift work. We work around the clock. The average job only takes two hours, but we can have jobs that take up to 48 hours to connect the customer again. On these long jobs, my staff work in shifts because they can’t leave the site unattended – it would be too dangerous. A lot of the work is done at night as well. I actually like that, because there are fewer people around and less disturbance.

My company has a zero-fault policy, which means we work through until the job is done. We do it right and do it once. It is more efficient that way rather than having to return to finish the job. I find customers are generally accepting of a job taking a long time as long you’re honest with them. If you tell a customer you’ll be done in an hour and it takes 10 hours, then of course they are going to keep asking and getting frustrated. Honesty is key to good customer service.

– Krishna Goundar, Modern Data and Communication Engineering Pty Ltd

Construction Subcontractor Krishna Goundar from Modern Data
Construction Subcontractor Krishna Goundar from Modern Data and Communication Engineering Pty Ltd