With a view of greater community awareness, Telstra has launched a new requirement for all work orders containing ground breaking SOR, with the introduction of a community engagement process.

This new requirement will see letters issued to residents informing them of all work that includes ground breaking activity being carried out in their neighbourhood and how it may impact them. We have implemented these letters to further engage residents in understanding the work we are carrying out and reinforce the safety measures we take to protect residents, aswell as our subcontractors.

All work orders containing ground breaking SOR in ConSol will have a letter attached to it. The letters are required for both proactive and reactive work. These letters are pre-populated and must be hand delivered to impacted residents in an ISGM/Telstra branded envelope in the following timeframes:

Proactive orders

  • Proactive orders letters must be hand delivered to the residents letterbox
  • Must be hand delivered to impacted residents between 2 to 7 days in advance of work commencing

Reactive/emergency orders

  • Door knocks to the affected premises with letter hand delivered to the resident
  • Must be hand delivered on the day of works commencing

Impacted residents

Letters must be delivered to impacted residents and include as a minimum:

  • Addresses on either side of actual remediation/excavation work as well as the address opposite where machinery is to be used onsite.
  • If the work is in a high visible/sensitive area (childcare centre, schools, grocery store), you should notify them of the activities.

If you have any questions, please contact your Team Manager.