21 February 2019

Shine Lawyers have asked for more time to address issues raised by TANDEM in relation to the Shine class action currently before the Federal Court.

Prior to Christmas, the Court made orders requiring Shine to either respond to concerns TANDEM raised in relation to the claim, or to amend the claim.  TANDEM did receive a response, but did not consider that it satisfactorily addressed all its concerns.

TANDEM again pressed for better particulars of the claim and Shine proposed that they again be allowed more time to provide them, or to amend the claim.  TANDEM agreed in the hope that they will provide a more meaningful response.

The Court has made further orders requiring Shine to respond to concerns or amend the claim by 1 March 2019 with a case management hearing scheduled for 19 March 2019.

TANDEM has reaffirmed that it will continue to vigorously defend its subcontractor model which supports more than 4,000 small businesses across Australia.