Our Team

We attract industry leaders who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

We are dedicated to recruiting and retaining strong, creative leaders with diverse backgrounds and experience.

The uniting principle for all Tandem leaders is a firm belief that there is always a better way to deliver exceptional customer outcomes.

Our Board

Rowan Kennedy



Adrian Field

Founder & Non-Executive Director


Joseph Caporale

Founder & Non-Executive Director


David Dawson

Non-Executive Director


Our Leadership

Our Team


“Hi I’m Tia, My day is busy and varied, as I’m constantly answering people’s enquiries, or directing them to the right person who can help them.”


Hi I’m Steve, Working in Health & Safety means that I work closely with both employees and subcontractors, to make sure that everyone goes home safely, every day.


“Hi I’m Anna,
I spend a lot of each day ensuring that both our subcontractors and employees receive consistent, timely and helpful information, to make their job easier.”


“Hi I'm Lohit, I analyse work order data to ensure that our subcontractors are paid a competitive rate for the tasks they complete .”


“Hi I’m Maria, I love helping our Managers find and recruit the best people for each of the many roles we have – especially seeing we employ based on attitude and aptitude, not just skills."


“Hi I’m Luke, My role works closely with our client-partners. I need to make sure we understand their regional needs and help our Team Managers support the subcontractors – so they can provide the best possible customer service to our partners’ customers.”


“Hi I’m Kris, I organise everyone’s pay and make sure that they get paid the right amount, on time, every time.”


“Hi I’m Rhode, I love making sure that all our employees have the necessary IT tools, to help them to do their job.”


“Hi I’m Jodi, In my role I provide corporate accounting support, so that the Senior Managers can better understand how the business is performing.”


"Hi I’m Ivan, My days are filled with number-crunching, where I aggregate and report on work order data. This helps our teams ensure that they’re meeting their KPIs."


"Hi I’m Kiera, I’m constantly pushing myself to come up with new ways to improve our customer experience."


"Hi I’m Josh, I work with subcontractors, to trouble shoot any issues and ensure they have everything they need to solve customer problems."